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June 10, 2013..

May 19, 2013..
WELCOME and thanks for joining the team. There's some new music to the right of this post and more is on the way.. I played Sing Along (it's the opening track on my Destroys the Moon CD) at an open mic a few weeks ago and afterwards one listener told me it was "the happiest song about the end of the world."  

When I was working on an early version of No Reason Why a plane flew overhead right as I was starting the piano/synth solo after the first chorus and the sound remained on the recording.. thinking back, maybe that was what inspired me to set Destroys the Moon in space.. hopefully I was able to capture the feeling of blasting off and taking flight on that track.  Listening to it now I think of Rainbow Road from Super Mario Kart, the start of the course when you go down that huge hill trying to decide if it's worth it to jump over the barricade and try to land on the track below.  The newest recording on the right is my cover of a great song by St Vincent called "Marry Me," I took some liberties with it but hopefully you'll still like it.  I think the bridge of the song is especially exciting but also sad.. it's like maybe she's saying "marry me" but nobody is there to hear it.. I went with some dissonant harmonies to reflect that feeling, the bridge starts at the 1:45 mark of the song.  Please keep in touch, leave comments on the soundcloud tracks or email me at johnnyherbertjr at gmail dot com.  

May 12, 2013.. Trolley Car with the full band from the UnUrban Cafe in LA.  Please like and leave a comment on YouTube!